Our Easter Hampers Gift Guide for Traditional Foodies

Our Easter Hampers Gift Guide for Traditional Foodies

Celebrate with Easter hampers and gifts filled with traditional food and drink. Enjoy the long Easter weekend with delicious treats! Our gift guide is here to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Dive into our range of artisan food and drink and discover the joy of giving with our handpicked selection.

Why Choose Melrose and Morgan gifts for Your Loved Ones?

Our Easter gifts collection make the perfect treat to share or send as a gift - here's why they are a great choice if you’re stuck for Easter gift ideas.

Hand-selected artisanal food and drinks

Whether your friends and family have a sweet tooth or prefer savoury treats, our gift baskets include a range of goodies for everyone. From luxury chocolates to artisanal biscuits and Simnel loaf cakes, we hand-select the finest food and drink products to create Easter hampers and gift baskets you and your loved ones will adore. 

Convenient and Thoughtful

No more hunting for the perfect gift – our Easter hampers are convenient, thoughtful and are hand-packed with a range of goodies - you can order our range online, saving you time too!

Our Luxury Easter Gifts collection

Explore our collection and discover a range of luxury hampers and gifts that are all hand-packed with care, ensuring a delightful experience this Easter. 

Melrose and Morgan Luxury Easter Hamper

An ideal Easter present for you to gift or share with family and friends, this luxury hamper is filled with an array of Easter treats including Simnel Loaf Cake, Easter Egg Shortbread Biscuits, Hot Cross Bun Truffles and more - a timeless choice for those who love the classics.

The Family Easter Hamper

Easter sweet treats make the perfect gift which is why our Family Easter Hamper hand-packed with Simnel Cake, Lemon Cookies, Shortbread is the perfect choice!


Do you offer hamper delivery? 

We offer free delivery on all orders over £30. Next day UK delivery is available on orders of a quantity below 10 hampers. For corporate gifts or larger orders, please contact orders@melroseandmorgan.com with your request. Please note we currently ship to mainland UK only.

Where can I buy? 

You can buy our hampers at our stores or online by visiting our Luxury Hampers collection.

Can I create my own hamper? 

At our delis and cafes, you can make your own gift basket. Visit one of our locations and a team member will help you choose products to put in our lovely wicker baskets.

Do you offer corporate gift hampers? 

We are delighted to offer corporate gifts across the UK. Whether for clients, employees, or suppliers, our team can help organize unique gifts tailored to your business. Contact us at orders@melroseandmorgan.com for information or to place an order.

Elevate Your Easter Celebrations with our gift range

Melrose and Morgan is the perfect destination to elevate your gifting experience this Easter with our beautifully curated Easter hampers - explore our collection and choose the perfect gift.

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