Why Simnel Cake is the Perfect Easter Treat

Why Simnel Cake is the Perfect Easter Treat

If you're on the lookout for a unique and meaningful Easter gift, look no further than the time-honoured tradition of gifting one of our Simnel Cakes. At Melrose and Morgan we explain the meaning behind this Easter treat.

What is Simnel Cake?

A centuries-old British tradition, this cake is a light fruit cake adorned with a layer of marzipan both on top and in the middle. What makes it unique is the eleven marzipan balls on top, which represent the eleven disciples of Jesus Christ. A delightful blend of spices, dried fruits, and the sweet allure of marzipan, Simnel Cake is a treat steeped in Easter tradition.

Why Are There 11 Balls on a Simnel Cake?

The eleven marzipan balls on the cake symbolise the apostles and remind us of their loyalty to Jesus Christ. Giving a Simnel Cake is considered to show loyalty and friendship, making it a great Easter gift for loved ones.

Is Simnel Cake Catholic?

While it has religious roots, it is not exclusive to any particular denomination. The tradition of baking and gifting Simnel Cakes is widely embraced by various Christian communities as a way to celebrate Easter. Its universal appeal makes it a perfect gift for friends and family, regardless of religion.

How Long Does Simnel Cake Last?

Simnel Cake has a good shelf life, thanks to its dense and moist texture. When stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, it can last for up to two weeks.

The Perfect Easter Gift

Our Easter Simnel Cake will stand out as the perfect Easter gift, combining rich tradition with a delectable taste that appeals to all. Whether you're sharing it with family or gifting it to friends, this symbolic treat is sure to add a touch of sweetness to your Easter celebrations. Embrace the tradition, savour the flavours, and make this Easter truly special. Order yours today or buy as part of a gift with one of our Easter hampers.

Easter at Melrose and Morgan

Expertly sourced and lovingly hand-crafted in our North London kitchen, our simnel cake is sourced with the finest and freshest local ingredients - making it a truly seasonal delight. At Melrose and Morgan, it is our aim to only bring food with provenance, integrity and amazing flavour to your home and table. 

Seasonality Is at the Heart of What We Do

Where ever possible we like to use food and ingredients grown and reared in the British Isles – this means eating ingredients only when they are at their best. As a result, our menus and the fresh produce we offer change regularly to suit the seasons. We care about our food and pay particular attention to its preparation. That’s why 60% of the food you find in our shops is made by our in-house team of chefs. We do not ‘manufacture’ – everything is made by hand in small batches by people who really care about food. We are proud of what we do, and we hope that our years of knowledge and experience help us bring the best quality, value and above all, flavour, to everything we do.

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