Rochelle Canteen X Melrose and Morgan

Rochelle Canteen X Melrose and Morgan

This Christmas, we are delighted to announce an exclusive collaboration with London institution Rochelle Canteen, bringing forth a rich mince pie just in time for the festive season.

Our very own Mauro Faure, has joined forces with Rochelle Canteen's Margot Henderson OBE to put their take on the classic mince pie using brandy from The Somerset Brandy Company and Landrace Milling flour. 

Mauro Faure, Director of Food here at Melrose and Morgan has an unwavering passion for innovation and quality food. Sourcing the finest ingredients from local suppliers and with an impressive understanding of flavour profiles, Mauro has been the driving force in creating our famed minced pies.

Margot is one half of the duo behind Rochelle Canteen, featuring a daily changing menu that remains close to the seasons. Delivered with energy and love of good ingredients and support for local farming, produce-led cooking and best in quality is at the heart of Rochelle Canteen, with vegetables sourced from a farm in Shropshire; meat from small original breed farms and fish caught from British waters on small day boats. In 2020 Margot was awarded an OBE for services to the culinary arts for her work as a chef and restaurateur as one half of much-loved Rochelle Canteen.

The melding of our commitment to quality ingredients and Rochelle Canteen heartfelt, locally sourced produce promises the best mince pie in the city. You can anticipate a mix of flavours and textures meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the season, now available in both our stores until Christmas.

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