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Melrose and Morgan Mayfield
Melrose and Morgan Mayfield Mayfield Cheese Melrose and Morgan
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Semi-hard artisan cheese with a creamy, smooth texture with a sweet nutty taste.

Mayfield, made in Sussex, was the first British cheese made with the natural holes and is a cross between Emmental and Comte. Excellent for melting on top of a beef burger and combined with our Sweet Cucumber Pickle. 

Alsop and Walker was founded by Arthur, a culinary connoisseur with roots deeply embedded in the world of food, bringing a legacy of excellence that spans generations. Drawing from Arthur's rich heritage, each cheese is a masterpiece crafted with love and care, a tribute to his journey from Le Gavroche's kitchen to the artisanal cheese scene.

Pasteurised Cow's Milk using vegetarian rennet. (200g)

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