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Melrose and Morgan Lord London
Melrose and Morgan Lord London Lord London Cheese Melrose and Morgan
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Lord London

A semi-soft British cheese with a white rind, it has a chalky centre and runny, oozy cheese near the edge. Fresh on the palate and is both grassy and creamy with a clear flavour profile. Served at the Royal Breakfast of Prince William and Kate.

Eat straight from the fridge or stud with garlic and herbs at the top, and bake in the oven.

Alsop and Walker was founded by Arthur, a culinary connoisseur with roots deeply embedded in the world of food, bringing a legacy of excellence that spans generations. Drawing from Arthur's rich heritage, each cheese is a masterpiece crafted with love and care, a tribute to his journey from Le Gavroche's kitchen to the artisanal cheese scene.

Pasteurised Cow's Milk using vegetarian rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians while maintaining its rich flavour and authenticity. (200g)

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