Blueberry and Bay Water Kefir

Blueberry and Bay Water Kefir

Water kefir is a probiotic, naturally fizzy, fermented drink that tastes rather like lemonade, but milder. These non-alcoholic fermented drinks have grown in popularity in recent years, known for their gut-loving properties, natural fizz and interesting flavours. It relies on a natural SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) for fermentation.

Water kefir is made by soaking water kefir grains in sugared water. These grains aren’t grains as you might think of them, like wheat or barley. Rather, they’re a starter culture made of the beneficial bacteria that will transform your sweetened water into a fizzy fermented concoction. You can buy these grains online or at local health food stores. Try online at Freshly Fermented :


Makes 1 ltr


What you will need:

1 x 1.5  ltr glass jar

Plastic strainer (avoid using metal as this will affect the fermentation)

1ltr filtered water or mineral water (avoid chlorine as this will also effect the brew) 

2 x tbsp unrefined sugar

2 x tbsp kefir grains (60g)

slice ginger

200g blueberries (washed)

3 bay leaves



1.5  ltr glass jar

Plastic strainer (avoid using metal as this will affect the fermentation)

1 ltr glass bottle with lid

plastic funnel

Muslin cloth and rubber band


Step 1

Dissolve the sugar in the water. Place the kefir grains and the ginger into the solution. Stir and then cover with the muslin and secure with an elastic band. Muslin is important here as it allow the ferment to breath. Store away from sunlight at room temperature for 2 days. By the second day the grains should be active and producing carbon dioxide. The liquid can look cloudy, this is normal. It should smell slightly sour. If not leave it an extra day.


Step 2

Strain the first fermentation. Retain the grains and either keep in the fridge or start another fermentation. Add the blueberries and bay and keep covered for another day. Taste the following day, if you are happy with the flavour then it’s time to bottle. Strain away the fruit and herbs and pour into the glass bottle and seal. Store in the fridge for up to a month. If you want to add more fizz to the drink keep on the kitchen counter for one extra day once bottled.


Feel free to experiment with other soft fruits and herbs:


Strawberry + Black Pepper

Raspberry + Vanilla Pods

Apple + Cinnamon sticks

Pear + Ginger

Banana + Coconut