What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked over the years, is why we called the business Melrose and Morgan? Well, it’s all quite simple really. Nick wanted to remember his Mother by naming a business after her, and as we were dreaming up our ideas for our first shop, it was clear that both our Mothers’ cooking and baking had inspired our lifelong love of food. The recognition of the importance of the food that is prepared for us as we grow up, became one of the foundations of our business back in the early days of the company and many of the recipes we made back then had their roots in our Mother’s kitchen’s.

So whilst playing with the name Melrose, Nick’s Mum’s maiden name, and then adding Ian’s Mum’s maiden name, Morgan, Melrose and Morgan was born and seemed to have a certain ring to it and so the name stuck.

We know Nick’s Mum would be very proud of what we’ve achieved with business, as is Ian’s Mum and as Mothering Sunday approaches, we’d like to thank them for all the baking, cooking, serving (and washing-up) that they did each day as we grew up. 

One of Ian’s favourite things that his Mum still prepares to this day, is her recipe for Welsh Cakes that would often be waiting on the kitchen counter on his return home from school. We’ll be baking some and sending a small parcel off to her for Mothering Sunday and so, if you’re looking to bake something for your Mum, try these. 

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