Supplier Story: The Fine Cheese Company

Supplier Story: The Fine Cheese Company

A sophisticated cheeseboard will be relished at any dinner party or evening of entertaining. As we start to dust off the Christmas decorations, now is the perfect time to explore some new artisan cheeses.

The Fine Cheese Company, one our oldest suppliers, provides us with a vast selection of luxurious, rich, delicious cheese – all of which are traditionally made.

Based in Bath in the heart of the English West Country and home to one of the most famous of British cheeses (Cheddar), they have been cheese specialists for an incredible thirty years. Ann-Marie Dyas was the founder of The Fine Cheese Co. and even judged at both the British and World Cheese Awards. Her commitment to fight for traditional cheese-making echoes our dedication to support smaller scale artisan producers and local shops.

From sweet, creamy Gorgonzola to mature Oak Smoked Cheddar, these cheeses are perfect to pair with full-bodied wine, fresh fruit and your favourite chutneys. You can shop their finest specialty cheese online here and experiment with an abundance of flavours to create your perfect cheeseboard.

Photo credit - Sam Harris, The Fine Cheese Company.

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