Run by husband and wife team Nick and Annette, Coedcanlas is a wonderful artisan producer hidden away in Pembrokeshire. 

Their honey is gathered from Pembrokeshire's wild flowers such as Bluebells, Dandelions, May, Blackberries and wild Clovers and is full of delicate and aromatic flavours. Filtered using only gravity and time, their goal is for you to taste the honey exactly as the bees left it in the comb. Delicious and pure.

Marmalade is another of their specialities. January is marked by the arrival of Amadora's Organic Seville Oranges and for a short time it’s marmalade season. They slowly bake the oranges before slicing them by hand and gently cooking them in large copper pans. The only other ingredients added are Organic Sugar from Cuba and Organic Sicilian Lemons.

In addition to their spectacular honey and marmalade, they have sourced a wonderful range of olive oil and almonds from Italy which you can also find in our shops.

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