Whipped Feta and Roasted Oregano Tomatoes

Whipped Feta and Roasted Oregano Tomatoes

The next in our series of simple toppings to pimp your daily (sourdough) loaf. For Brunch, lunch or evening snack. This week we’re whipping up some salty feta and adding some end of summer sweet, oregano roasted tomatoes.

 Serves two


200g tomatoes

1 tbsp olive oil

½ tsp of dried oregano

pinch of salt

100g Feta 

100g Thick Yoghurt 

1 tbsp of  Lemon Juiced 

2 x slice of sourdough  bread 


Wash and cut the tomatoes in half

Place on a lined baking tray cut side up

Cover with the oil, oregano and salt

Bake for 20mins at 170°C – until they soften

Crumble the feta into an electric mixer 

Add yogurt and beat till smooth 

Stir in lemon juice leave in the fridge to set for 30mins

Toast the bread 

Spoon over the feta spread

Pile on the tomatoes

Serve with a peppery rocket salad