Simnel Hot Cross Buns

Simnel Hot Cross Buns

For a truly decadent Easter bun, try your hand at baking our fusion of Simnel Cake and Hot Cross Bun. 

Makes 15 Buns

Stage 1 ingredients 

100g butter

300g milk


Stage 2 ingredients 

600g strong white flour

70g light muscovado sugar

12g fast action yeast

zest of lemon

zest of orange

1 egg

2 tbsp of honey

1 tsp cinnamon

1 ½ tsp mixed spice

1 tsp salt


Stage 3 Ingredients 

200g raisin

100g marzipan chopped into small squares

100g chopped mixed peel


Stage 4

100g white flour

100ml water

pinch of salt

pinch of sugar


The Glaze 

100g Marmalade (or apricot jam)

30ml water



Stage 1

First pop the oven on to the lowest setting.

Heat the milk and butter (Stage 1 ingredients) and remove when the butter has melted.

Set aside.


Stage 2

Scale the Stage 2 ingredients

Pop into a mixer with a dough hook and combine

Add the warm milk and butter and mix to incorporate into a sticky dough

Allow to stand for 15mins cover with a tea towel

Turn the oven off.


Stage 3

Then add stage 3 ingredients and mix using the dough hook on a low/medium speed for 10 mins

The dough should come together and be glossy and soft to the touch.

Remove from the mixing bowl and place into a lightly floured mixing bowl.

Pop into the oven for the first prove – covered with a clean tea towel.

Prove for 1 hr 30 mins – the dough will have increased in size by 50%

If not continue to prove until doubled in size

Remove and divide into 15 x 100g rolls

Shape using a clawed hand on the work surface and allow the dough ball to circulate under it until a smooth top has formed.

Pop onto a lined baking tray 40cm x 24cm, allowing room between each bun to expand.

Place back into the oven and leave to prove for the final 1 hour.


Stage 4

Whilst proving make the white paste for the cross.

Mix the flour and water in stage 4 ingredients together to form a paste and set aside

When the buns have proved, they should be springy to the touch, remove from the oven

Turn the oven up to 180oC (fan)

Pipe the flour paste carefully across the buns, working as neatly as you can.

You can use a piping bag or a corner of a clean plastic bag with a corner snipped off.

Pop into the middle of the oven and bake for 15mins or until they have a good colour.

For the glaze heat the marmalade and water and pass through a sieve to remove the shreds.

Remove the buns from the oven and brush over the glaze.

Leave to cool slightly.

Always best served warm.