Supplier Story: Rapscallion Soda

Supplier Story: Rapscallion Soda
Produced in Glasgow, Rapscallion Soda is the latest addition to our fridge and offers a fresh drink with 100% raw ingredients.
What does this mean? No essences, concentrates, preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilisers are used, just real fruits and organic raw cane sugar. The sugar helps to bind the flavours together, a little Vitamin C stops any oxidation and once that balance of sweet, sour and bitter is found, carbonation is used to elevate these raw ingredients. Integrating layers of flavour in these drinks means that as the glass warms and carbonation subsides, these different flavours will unravel.
They have built their production facility in Glasgow around electrically powered machinery; divesting from fossil fuels and are currently in the process of remodelling their whole site into an energy efficient electrified innovation hub. This allows them to play with endless fruit varieties all year round!
Every part of their organic waste gets anaerobically digested, thereby removing around 90% of their potential methane emissions. Aluminium cans also means that less energy is used when recycling and are extremely light to transport.
Visit our shops in Hampstead and Primrose Hill to try these delicious drinks, with three different flavours Ginger, Burnt Lemon and Dry Lime.

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