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La Rosa Can Sumoi
La Rosa Can Sumoi
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La Rosa Can Sumoi

From Catalonia in Spain comes Can Sumoi. A delicate and fragrant, raw wine that gives its name to the farm Can Sumoi. A biodynamic farm that has existed since 1645; located 600 metres above sea levels and stands out due to the solitude of the surrounding landscape, the mineral nakedness of its soils and its unique geology.

Can Sumoi has a main winery and three farmhouses dating back to the end of the 17th century where wine used to be made, a house for the tenant farmers, a poultry yard, 20 hectares of vineyard planted with Parellada and Sumoll and 380 hectares of woodland.

The soils of the estate were developed from copper-coloured, ochre and brown material which corresponds to the Montmell Formation, which is made up of sediment formed between 100 and 113 million years ago in the Cretaceous period; there are few soils as ancient as these on the Iberian Peninsula.

Founder of Can Sumoi, Pepe Raventós; reinstated the biodynamic farm that had existed on Can Sumoi to make high-altitude natural wines which the least possible intervention in the processes of viticulture and wine-making. The result is a stunningly sophisticated wine perfect for a summers lunch or eating alfresco.

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