Daily Dose

Daily Dose

When George started Daily Dose, he noticed that today’s juice industry is filled with concentrates, so he decided to focus on what’s important – health, wellbeing and nutrition.

After graduating from university, George developed a passion for health and fitness and began juicing as an alternative to consuming sugar saturated soft drinks. As his obsession grew, he discovered the vast volume of produce wasted daily, due to it not conforming to the supermarket’s strict criteria on shape and size. This revelation prompted George’s commitment to fighting the food-waste epidemic by using wonky, surplus produce to make our juices.

That’s when it all sparked for George. When his friends went off to find jobs in the City, he began building long lasting relationships with British farmers across the UK. This meant, Beetroots from Bedfordshire, Carrots from Peterborough, Apples from Surrey and Greens from Lancashire Once he’d collected all of his patriotic produce, he was ready to (hopefully) set London alight and his grand plan would all start by selling to his local café around the corner from where he grew up.

Daily Dose is available at both our stores.

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