Chegworth Valley

Chegworth Valley

A family owned and run fruit farm in the middle of the Kent countryside, Chegworth Valley was established in 1983 by the Deme family and was originally opened as a dairy farm.

Starting with 15 acres of apples and pears planted in the mid 1980’s, followed in the early 1990’s  with soft fruit such as raspberries and strawberries, they began supplying to major supermarkets and wholesalers. However, it soon became clear that this was not the way the Deme family wanted to work and so they made the change and began supplying direct to customers and independent shops and retailers, as well as selling at smaller farmers markets.

Through speaking with their customers, it became clear that people wanted fruit to taste as good as possible, but they also wanted to know that it was free of chemicals.   

The decision was made to remove chemical sprays and pesticides and produce on the farm has been made this way from 2000. They learnt that growing plants that are strong and healthy with a natural resistance to pests & diseases produces fruit & vegetables which are full of flavour, with the added benefit of being free from chemicals.

Today, their range includes a wide variety of single variety and blended apple and fruit juices.  The juices are produced from tree ripened, hand selected fruit which is pressed in small batches on site, within hours of being picked. The juice is then lightly pasteurised in order to preserve the natural colours and flavours before being bottled on site.

We stock a range of fresh fruit and vegetables from Chegworth Valley as well as they delicious juices.

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