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Watercress Tzatziki
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Watercress Tzatziki

This Tzatziki combines Ed's Watercress with dill, parsley, mint and spring onions with Belcari extra virgin olive oil and Koukakis Greek yoghurt.

Ed’s Watercress is grown on his family farm, Hairspring, in the Chalke Valley. With mineral-rich, natural spring water feeding the beds, this is the optimal environment for producing bright green stalks with complex flavours.

The standard of Natoora's raw ingredients takes ready made dips to a whole new level and introduces a level of transparency never before seen in prepared foods. At Natoora they can track every single ingredient back to a single, known producer or grower.

Greek Yoghurt (Skimmed Milk, Cream, Skimmed Milk Powder) 65.6%, Watercress 16.4%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parsley 3.3%, White Wine Vinegar (Sulphur Dioxide), Dill 1.4%, Mint 1.4%, Spring Onions, Salt, Garlic.
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