Camden Town brewery

Camden Town brewery

Jasper Cuppaidge first started brewing beer as a birthday present for his mother using a recipe created by his grandfather. Having decided he liked brewing he continued and began selling his own brew at his pub, The Horseshoe, in Hampstead. It was so popular amongst the pub partons that he realised he had to expand his operation and rented an old railway arch in Kentish town to being producing his beer in much bigger batches and so Camden Hells was created.

The team at Camden Town Brewery don’t just like lager, they love it. They’re proud to make beer that is full flavoured, distinctive, well balanced and fantastic to drink. They know that while lager might taste like the simplest type of beer in the world, it also happens to be one of the most elegant, sophisticated and tricky beers to get right.

Everyone who joins the business goes to Bamberg within their first year to allow them to experience first-hand where the house Pilsner malt comes from, and how this amazing grain inspired Hells.

From the grain to the yeast, the hops and the process itself, every element of their beer is monitored by passionate professional. Every recipe is constructed with precise care and sometimes small changes like adjusting the temperature from one day to the next or knowing that certain grains work best with certain hops make all the difference.  They use all-natural ingredients so that the result is a natural, flavoursome beer, which hasn’t been pasteurised.

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