Romantic Breakfast In Bed

Romantic Breakfast In Bed

If you want to impress a loved one this Valentine’s Day, don’t squeeze into a busy restaurant filled to the brim with countless couples. Instead, we believe the best route to someone’s heart is with a romantic breakfast tray. When staying at a luxury hotel, breakfast in bed is always at the top of everyone’s wish list and Valentines is the perfect time to recreate this at home.

The key is the planning; a rushed breakfast is never going to be a romantic one. Plan your menu and buy the ingredients in advance. Polish your finest cutlery, press those fancy napkins you put away at Christmas and find a suitable tray. Make sure you have some top-notch tea and coffee in your cupboards and fresh fruit for juicing. 

A good Valentines breakfast should be light and colourful. Leave the sausage and bacon in the fridge and focus on seasonal fruits, cereals and light pastries. Top off your breakfast tray with some romantic roses and a personalised card or note. Put your song on the radio and enjoy. And last but not least, make sure you do the washing up!

Our perfect Valentines breakfast would look something like this:

Two glasses of Blood Orange juice (freshly squeezed if possible)
Two bowls of our Champagne Rhubarb compote - check out our recipe -  topped with our Sour Cherry Granola and some yoghurt.
Two Brioche Buns (warmed in the oven) and served with sweet Gianduia Spread.
Two cups of Good and Proper English Breakfast Tea

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