Preserve a taste of summer

Preserve a taste of summer
The summer fruit and veg in season at the moment means there is plenty of great value ingredients packed full of flavour that can be captured in a jar to enjoy throughout the autumn and winter season.

Our range of jams is made using traditional authentic techniques and recipes with no additives, preservatives or added pectin…just a pure and natural set. And whilst our seasonal produce is sourced locally or from partner growers, we are sure that you will find some great produce yourselves at the local farmers market, from your own allotment or even as you forage in the country.

These are a few of our favourite recipes to try
or why not experiment with combinations of your own. Just remember the following basics and you are all set.

- Cook the fruit before adding the sugar
- Invest in a good jam thermometer
- The setting point for jam is 104.5ºC
- Once on a rolling boil, stop stirring or you will interrupt the set
- Always use the best quality fruit

- The more interesting and better quality the vinegar, the better your results
- Make a pickling solution by simmering vinegar with spices for 5-10 minutes
- Check that the acid percentage of the vinegar is more than 5%

- Chutneys require a long slow cooking time
- Drag a wooden spoon through the chutney to the base of the pan. If it leaves a nice clean line, it is ready to pot
- Allow to mellow and mature before eating

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