Nuts for nuts

Nuts for nuts

If you're looking for an alternative snack which is guaranteed to keep you satisfied, then nuts are the perfect solution. We've put together a handy guide to help you find the best quality nuts and match them perfectly with a variety of flavours and foods

As with spices, it’s worth making a trip to an ethnic grocers to buy nuts and seeds. In supermarkets, both can be terribly overpriced and sold in tiny little packets. Specialist online nut and seed merchants are also worth looking up. Wherever possible, look out for the source; good suppliers should be able to tell you about the product, its provenance and what sets it apart. Look out for whole, undamaged nuts and seeds, with little extraneous debris or dust. Another important thing to consider is the packing, sell-by and best-before dates and keep be sure to keep in mind how long you intend to store them when buying in bulk. 

When it comes to including nuts in main dishes, the uses are endless so we've put together a list of our favourite flavour combos: 

Almonds: apricot, cauliflower, cherry, chicken, fig, honey, mackerel, plum, raisin, sherry
Brazil Nuts: apricot (dried), banana, caramel, chocolate (dark), cinnamon, orange, plum
Cashews: broccoli, chickpea, duck, fish (white), honey, lime, mandarin, prawn, rice
Chestnuts: apple, bacon, Brussels sprout, caramel, meringue, pear, turkey, vanilla
Cobnuts: beetroot, game birds, nectarine, pear, watercress, wild rice
Coconut: beef, chilli, coriander, crab, ginger, lemon grass, lime, mango, passion fruit
Hazelnuts: berries, celeriac, chicory, chocolate (milk), langoustine, peach, scallop, toffee
Macadamias: butterscotch, cranberry, ginger, orange, rose veal, wild mushroom
Peanuts: banana, chicken, chocolate, lime, rice noodle, strawberry jam
Pecans: carrot, cinnamon, French bean, maple syrup, parsnip, pumpkin, toffee
Pistachios: lamb, nectarine, orange, pomegranate, rice, rose water, saffron, strawberry

Walnuts: beetroot, cinnamon, coffee, goat’s cheese, lentils, Parmesan, rum

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