Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery
Our friend Jasper Cuppaidge owns a great pub opposite our shop in Hampstead called The Horseshoe. But what’s really interesting about him is that he brews his own ale and he does this with a huge amount of passion and knowledge.

At the start of his brewing journey he did this in the basement of the pub, but then he took on a set of railway arches close to ours in Chalk Farm and created a new, state of the art brewery in the middle of Camden. It’s name, of course, being Camden Town Brewery and from here they brew excellent craft beer.

Amongst their growing range they produce a pale ale, a wheat beer and a “Hell’s” lager – and are best described as follows:

Camden Pale Ale: Punchy American hops throw out a big aroma of grapefruit, orange and tropical fruit. It’s a bright orange-gold colour. The body is subtle and clean and a golden platter for carrying the hops. The bitterness rolls in and then ends dry, making you thirsty for another gulp.

Hell’s Lager: The pale, crisp body of pils with the gentle hop profile of helles. Pale gold, refined, elegant and dry with soft biscuity malt and a light lemony, peppery hop character. You can taste the great depth of flavour which comes from the long, slow maturation in tank

Camden Wheat: The yeast makes this one special. It’s unfiltered and hazy, with that yeast giving a beautiful aroma of banana, bubble gum and vanilla. There’s toffee in the body, but it’s never sweet, and it ends with a quenching, peppery finish.

Not long after the brewery opened we jumped at the chance to cater an event for Jasper at the brewery and when he asked us to come up with a menu idea we suggested a Beef and Ale stew, made with Camden Town Ale, of course, served with a buttery celeriac mash and sauteed cavolo nero. It hit the spot as do his fantastic beers and ales.

Camden Town Brewery Pale Ale and Hell’s Lager are all available at both our Primrose Hill and Hampstead shops.

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