Berries and herbs: perfect pairings

Berries and herbs: perfect pairings
In the summer, there is an abundance of beautiful British berries in our shops, which we buy from organic British farm Chegworth Valley.

If, like us, you are a fan of the tradition of picking your own, you are undoubtedly looking at a kitchen full of overflowing punnets and wondering just what to do with them. Simple compotes, jams and cordials are a great way of engaging all the family in the kitchen and elongating the life of the PYO experience well into the autumn each time you open a jar or bottle.

We always like to add a little twist of flavour into our recipes and with sweet summer fruits it is often difficult to know what flavours to add. Generally as a rule in food, it is sensible to match things that grow adjacent to one another. This is why samphire works so well with fish, mushrooms work with thyme and lamb with rosemary. 

In the wild, berries grow near herbs and these add a fragrance that will take your recipes to a new dimension. Here are our some of our recommendations for perfect berry and herb pairings:
Raspberry and basil
Strawberries and mint
Apricot and rosemary
Cherry and thyme
Blackcurrant and bay
Blackberry and sage

Next time you make a compote, a fruit trifle or your special version of Eton Mess, don’t forget the herbs. They will transform your dish.

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